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Tai Chi is an ancient martial art which originated in China, and over the centuries many variations have developed. The one we practise is Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan. Although it is based on fighting, we use it purely as a health-promoting exercise.

It consists of a series of very precise body movements known as The Form, which are performed in a slow and relaxed manner.

The essential principles of Tai Chi are:
> Stillness
> Slowness
> Lightness
> Exactness
> Perseverence

Tai Chi Chuan is completely different from aerobic exercises such as running or cycling which involve cardiovascular exertion and high-impact physical effort. Additionally, the concentration required to memorise and then execute the precise pattern of moves in Tai Chi ensure that it is both a physical and a mental acitvity.

Research has shown that Tai Chi can have a beneficial effect on people recovering from heart attacks. There is also evidence that regular conscientious practice can produce a number of other benefits such as: improved muscle tone and bone strength, enhanced co-ordination, balance and posture, better mental concentration, reduced stress levels, and lower blood pressure.

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